Sunday, July 27, 2014

What are the features missing in Ensighten Manage 2.0 that can make tagging much peaceful?

Ensighten as I have written in my previous blog post Ensighten The most robust Tag Management tool has some great features which takes the tagging experience to next level. In this post I would like to post some features which if present can help and make the tagging process much more peaceful.

1. Versioning for Conditions
Though the present Conditions tab with all the awesome features to generate Regex is cool in creating a new condition I recently had a situation where I kept on changing the condition and after sometime I thought I would stick to the original logic which has been there already but I was pretty lazy to keep track of what the logic was at the beginning and finally I ended up wasting good amount of time what I have written. There can be other situations where the account has more than one user and if one of the user modifies the condition and messes up and he/she doesn't remember what the original logic was, it will be really cool to switch back to the previous state.

So, it may not be the most needed feature but having a versioning system on Conditions is a great way to keep track of what all changes has been done to the condition and conveniently switch back to previous states.

2. Visual Help to write code using Bootstrapper functions
Ensighten uses a very good library called Bootstrapper which has lot of functions inbuilt which can be used to tackle so many problems easily which are difficult to do with JavaScript and also Bootstrapper works on all the browsers. This makes it a very good library that can be used to write code but it's always difficult to read the documentation and look through what functions can be used from Bootstrapper.

Instead if there is a simple GUI tool which can give information about the Bootstrapper functions, it will be a great feature.

3. In built jQuery support
If you are a JavaScript developer and if you started using jQuery, you will find it so much difficult to use plain JavaScript to tackle many problems which can be solved so much easily with jQuery. Even though most of the websites have jQuery inbuilt on their website but there are situations where I have seen the websites doesn't have that jQuery library placed on their website.

In such cases what I do normally is create a deployment containing the jQuery library and set it on all pages and whenever I create new deployments I will place a dependency on jQuery. But if Ensighten can come up with a feature where jQuery can be served on all the pages while the Bootstrapper is being loaded, it will be so awesome.

So far, these are the features which came to my mind, I will add some more when I come across something missing. Do give out your suggestions for missing features in the comments, I will analyze them and publish them in the next post.

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