Monday, September 15, 2014

Web Analytics Tutorial #1 - What is Web Analytics?

I have been writing about Tag Management and Web Analytics on an Adhoc basis from some time here. For someone who is new to Web Analytics, the random posts I write may not make much of a sense. So I thought it would be nice if I start a series of posts explaining every detail I know about Web Analytics from scratch in a more organized way. Since most of my work has been on the technical side so far, my posts will have more of a technical tone rather than a qualitative tone unlike Avinash Kaushik's posts.

I will try to give as many as real world examples to explain the concepts. So let's begin by understanding what exactly is web analytics and why do we need such a technology in the first place?

Jack is a movie buff who always decodes and analyzes each bit of the movie and explains to his friends. One of his friends suggested him why don't he start a blog where he can put his thoughts. Impressed by this idea, Jack created a free blog from one of the top blogging platform and started writing interesting articles. He started receiving nice comments as well.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Usage of Google Tag Manager on the Web

It's always interesting to know how many people are using a technology, isn't it? Yes, it is. Even though I have been using different Tag Management systems from a quiet an amount of time, I am really not sure how many people/businesses are using a particular Tag Management solution.
I have been searching about this on the internet and came to know about a cool website called which is exactly what I was looking for. It gives out the number of websites which uses a particular technology. So as for the Google Tag Manger goes check out the below infographic which show cases the number of Top 10K, 100K and Million websites which uses Google Tag Manager and the trend over the time.

Surely, Google Tag Manager is being adopted quickly and as expected the 3rd tier of websites are the quickest to adopt it. Tier one websites are slowly making the transition to GTM. It can be due to the presence of Enterprise level Tag Management solutions like Ensighten, Tealium etc.

The builtwith website also gives an approximate number of total websites on web which use Google Tag Manager. It comes around 616,000+ which is huge but a long way to go though.


What are the features missing in Ensighten Manage 2.0 that can make tagging much peaceful?

Ensighten as I have written in my previous blog post Ensighten The most robust Tag Management tool has some great features which takes the tagging experience to next level. In this post I would like to post some features which if present can help and make the tagging process much more peaceful.

1. Versioning for Conditions
Though the present Conditions tab with all the awesome features to generate Regex is cool in creating a new condition I recently had a situation where I kept on changing the condition and after sometime I thought I would stick to the original logic which has been there already but I was pretty lazy to keep track of what the logic was at the beginning and finally I ended up wasting good amount of time what I have written. There can be other situations where the account has more than one user and if one of the user modifies the condition and messes up and he/she doesn't remember what the original logic was, it will be really cool to switch back to the previous state.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ensighten: The most robust Tag Management tool

Note: The views of the present post are solely mine and not my employer's.

A while ago I have written a post on Tealium and how is it different when I was little new to Tag Management and found some of it's features useful to beginners who are not well versed with JavaScript. I have been using Ensighten since a good amount of time and I am in love with the tool, its robustness in deploying tags and the way the tool works. With the advent of Manage 2.0 (the second version of Ensighten Console) the tool became way cooler than ever, more robust, modern and lot quicker.

So, in this post I would like to tell you what are the features that make Ensighten stand apart in the market and how it makes your life peaceful while tagging. Most of the features I will talk in this post will be about Manage 2.0. Since I do not have access to Ensighten tool for my personal use, I wouldn't be able to provide screenshots.

Way Ensighten Works:
Ensighten works on a very simple concept "Deploy the required tag on to a desired page". So if you want to deploy Google Analytics to your website, you will be creating a tag for Google Analytics and tell Ensighten to deploy the tag on all the pages of your website. It's simple, no Nonsense. All you have is your tags and conditions where to deploy the tags.