Thursday, October 24, 2013

Comparison of 3 Best Free Tag Managers: Google Tag Manager, Qubit Open Tag, and DC Storm Tag Manager

(Scores are updated on 27th November 2013)

Hello everyone, in my previous posts I reported about the Tag Management Usage among Top Retailers on Internet. For an enterprise level customer, there are outstanding premium TMS tools like Tealium, Ensighten, Bright Tag and others but for small tier customers who does not want to spend a lot of money on TMS solution, fortunately there are good TMS tools which provide a good service for free of cost.

The buzz around Google Tag Manager clouded some brilliant TMS tools which provide Free tier in the market. During a conversation on Web Analytics Yahoo group I came to know about those Tag Management tools which are freely available as Google Tag Manager and have lot of other features. Those two important tools are DC Storm Tag Manager and Qubit Open Tag. Both provide Free tier along with an option for Premium upgrade.

In this post, I would like to compare all these three TMS tools and analyze which of them is best. Of course, the choice of tool depends upon your requirement but I will do a functional analysis of all the tools. The following analysis is based up on purely my experience with the tools, this might vary with your experiences.

Container Tag, Hosting, Load Times and User Interface

Google Tag Manager (GTM) - 20/20
Qubit Open Tag (QOT) - 20/20
DC Storm Tag Manager (DC) - 18/20

Variables/Macros and Variable Management

Google Tag Manager (GTM) - 25/25
Qubit Open Tag (QOT) - 21/25
DC Storm Tag Manager (DC) - 17/25

Load Rules/Serve Rules and Rules Management 

Google Tag Manager (GTM) - 15/15
Qubit Open Tag (QOT) - 6/15
DC Storm Tag Manager (DC) - 15/15

Tag Libraries/Templates and Custom HTML/JavaScript Code Support

Google Tag Manager (GTM) - 10/25
Qubit Open Tag (QOT) - 20/25
DC Storm Tag Manager (DC) - 23/25

User Management, Version Control, Usage Statistics and Page View Limits 

Google Tag Manager (GTM) - 10/15
Qubit Open Tag (QOT) - 14/15
DC Storm Tag Manager (DC) - 14/15


Google Tag Manager (GTM) - 80/100
Qubit Open Tag (QOT) - 81/100
DC Storm Tag Manager (DC) - 87/100

Suprisingly, DC Storm Tag Manager outperformed other two. This is due to the fact that I gave more importance to the Tag Libraries and Templates in the analysis in which DC has outperformed others. As an implementation specialist or end user you might use other features of TMS more than tag templates. In that case GTM may outperform the other two.

So, at the end of the day, the choice of tool is entirely depended upon your requirements :) Feel free to tell your experiences with Free TMS tools in the comments below.


  1. Greetings from - this is pretty handy thanks for sharing it.

    Another area to compare these might be data leakage risk or data security more for large or mid-size enterprises thinking they can get away on the cheap. GTM is not really free when you are sharing customer/prospect data that in the end has to feed G's data mining engines to support the ad targeting model.

    1. I don't know of any reason to think that Google does this - they've gone on record many times promising that their GA data isn't used by them for commercial purposes, no reason to think their GTM data is used for this either.

  2. A more powerful free tag manager is offered by Mezzobit (, and it's free as a SaaS solution for websites of any size. Google Tag Manager is a very limited offering, with poor support for synchronous and visual tags, as well as only a handful of tags in its partner library.

    Mezzobit also has the industry's most stringent data handling processes to avoid the fears that website owners have about their vendors using their data against them. We created a soon-to-be-independent data privacy non-profit,, which sets Mezzobit's data protocols, provides continuous monitoring, and sends periodic report cards back to customers. More information about this innovative privacy solution can be found at

    Finally, the Mezzobit solution also offers a growth path beyond free tag management into management of data leakage, privacy policies, A/B testing, and mobile data collection.

    -- Joe Galarneau, CEO and founder of Mezzobit