Friday, January 16, 2015

Understanding Digital Analytics / Web Analytics Process Cycle or Framework

Many times people ask me what is the framework you are using when I work on a project for Digital Analytics tool implementation. I often get frustrated by this question. Why do people give so much importance to the framework or process flow? This time I did not want to get frustrated and thought for a while why do people need a framework? Turned out it's very simple. People don't want to re invent the wheel. They just want to follow a procedure which has been working out well for large number of people for a long time. It sounded absolutely correct to me. I realized my mistake and started reviewing the work I have done and splitted a general Digital Analytics project into different buckets or stages which I think are very much essential. Of course this might be a standard framework you can google and get it.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

How to Implement SiteCatalyst on Server side using PHP?

This is an adhoc post I am writing on SiteCatalyst implementation, I will write a detailed series on SiteCatalyst implementation soon. Most of the Web Analytics implementation that's been done on the web is using JavaScript but there might be situations where you will not have that luxury to implement an Analytics tool using JavaScript instead you need to use a Server side approach to do that.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Web Analytics Tutorial #1 - What is Web Analytics?

I have been writing about Tag Management and Web Analytics on an Adhoc basis from some time here. For someone who is new to Web Analytics, the random posts I write may not make much of a sense. So I thought it would be nice if I start a series of posts explaining every detail I know about Web Analytics from scratch in a more organized way. Since most of my work has been on the technical side so far, my posts will have more of a technical tone rather than a qualitative tone unlike Avinash Kaushik's posts.

I will try to give as many as real world examples to explain the concepts. So let's begin by understanding what exactly is web analytics and why do we need such a technology in the first place?

Jack is a movie buff who always decodes and analyzes each bit of the movie and explains to his friends. One of his friends suggested him why don't he start a blog where he can put his thoughts. Impressed by this idea, Jack created a free blog from one of the top blogging platform and started writing interesting articles. He started receiving nice comments as well.